MadRaven IRL Simulator is a series of play-by-post forum games designed by Orange Block user MadRaven. It is considered a parody of sorts of mechanics of the classic "Choose Your Own Adventure" books and the role of the Dungeon Master player in many Dungeons & Dragons games.


MadRaven had gotten the idea for MadRaven IRL Simulator when a few members had started posting "forum games"; games which are played by replying to the topic with commands or decisions in the post. It was originally going to be a "chain post" game similar to the "Never Ending Story" game played in theater classes, in which the author of the thread posts first, and then the rest of the users reply to the topic and continue the post until the topic is locked by an administrator or moderator, which is the end of the story. These types of posts can have anywhere close to dozens of replies unless the story is cut short.

At the time, MadRaven had been exploring the mechanics of many tabletop RPG's and text adventures. Both genres were so overused, he thought, and it was time something unique came into the picture. Before MadRaven IRL Simulator took off, however, he was sent an email by Twitch saying that they would begin an experiment with the VisualBoyAdvance emulator called "Twitch Plays Pokémon": by hooking input from the emulator to specified commands in the chat (i.e. the user typing "left" to go left, etc.), and by loading a certain game in the Pokemon series, thousands of Twitch users could collaborate and take turns telling the player character what to do through the chat interface. This of course had humorous results, because since everyone in the chat was playing the same game and often more than one user would argue over what to do next, a lot of gameplay time would be spend giving captured Pokémon nonsensical names, and at certain times the player could be seen walking in and out of buildings or opening and closing menus over and over again due to users fighting over the controls. On the Orange Block, unique gameplay would then be developed by combining the two together. This in turn spawned lots of installments in the series and as of 2015 it is widely received by the community for its clever design.


A typical game of MadRaven IRL Simulator starts off with an intro post claiming things such as "Hyperactive Gaming brings you another great installment in the MadRaven IRL Simulator series! Just like before, YOU control the actions of our protagonist! Take turns steering him to the finish, and take care not to make a fatal mistake!" A scenario based on real life events (explicit details cut out due to privacy reasons) is then presented with a simple ">>_" marker at the bottom of the post, indicating it's time for another user to decide what to due. Based on what a user says, any sensible command understandable is then "entered" by MadRaven, along with either what happens next, or, if an item was used or a mistake was made, the result of the mistake or the item being used. Replies that result in completion of the game usually end in "***CONGRATULATION!***" or "***THIS GAME IS OVER***, ****SORRY! TRY AGAIN SOMETIME!****, ****YOU WILL BE MISSED****" if the action resulted in getting permanently stuck, a fatal outcome or the death of the protagonist. Comical game-overs however, result in a video of SEGA Rally's "Game over, YEAAAAAH!" theme or the song "You Are Dead!" from the PC game Total Distortion, being embedded. The topic is then locked by a moderator or administrator.


Ever since the forum game was first created in 2013, it has been widely accepted as an icon of MadRaven in that its clever design and its playability. While some installments are really just short stories, many users praise it for its uncanny resemblance to many text adventures of the 1980's.

Trivia/Easter EggsEdit

---If a user replies to the topic with "ARROW TO THE KNEE", the command is sometimes received with "FUS RO DAH!" in huge letters. --- Replying with the command "THE END" results in an instant game over along with a fake suicide note saying "Hear me, gods of Valhalla! I am no more!", an abridged Shakespeare reference. This is a dark humor joke paying homage to the fact that MadRaven tried to kill himself twice, once in 2011 and again in Christmas 2014 when he stayed at Value Place. ---The game's story is based on real life events and is actually the rough draft for MadRaven's upcoming game, "A Tale of Fire And Ice [name not final]" ---If a user replies to the topic with "HOW'S MADDOG", the command is sometimes received with "Spending WAY too much time in The Golden Lantern." This is a reference to World of Warcraft, and is a joke in that Maddog uses The Golden Lantern as one of his main hubs for configuring his DPS gear.

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