MadRaven's Family & Friends

MadRaven lives with his family and two sisters, one of which is currently planning to come home. It is composed of his mother, his father M@ddog, and half-sister StarfyGrace. He had decided to live with them after he was set up for a trap at school that landed him in suspension, resulting in karmic dispute [that is, nobody trusted him enough to believe he was innocent.]

Dawn Edit

A hard-working mother who only wants the best for who she loves. She's essentially mastered cooking as well as the occasional game of Columns for the SEGA Genesis.

Maddog Edit

Maddog is exactly the kind of person you'd expect to help teach you about the world around you. Although he has a loud voice don't let his titanic stature and huge demeanor throw you off; he's actually a very nice person. Now about his computer...

Sophia (StarfyGrace) Edit

The bubbly, excited runt of the family, Sophia's no stranger to being active. She spends a lot of time on whatever gaming console is in the room.

Grandmother Barbara Edit

The family was hit with a heavy bolt when they heard that MadRaven's grandmother had passed away. Everyone was devastated. However, on Mad's first night home, something inside the kitchen cabinet appeared to fall right off onto the floor. Where was Mad? Sleeping on the couch. The next morning he turns on the computer to find "I'm Still Here :)" on a notepad file on the desktop.

Friends Edit

Shelby Edit

Life isn't so easy when your parents seperate. Luckily for Shelby she's able to take that off her mind when she met MadRaven. Shelby and MadRaven were essentially the only couple in the B. Unit and she made the most of it. You should have seen Mad's face when she kissed him! Shelby is Mad's first girlfriend in years.

Taco Edit

MadRaven's MeowWow ally from Kingdom Hearts 3D: DDD. Many an AR picture was taken with Taco rolling around on his belly.


MadRaven's previous girlfriend at the Serenity Group Home in Wallace, NC. She's mildly shy and doesn't socialize much except for MadRaven himself.

Brian (Austin)

Mad's best friend since middle school. He's been Mad's mentor ever since they met, and previously he's helped restore his faith in Christianity after a family crisis hit. Brian spends almost all of his time studying the Bible, delivering messages of hope and faith to Mad whenever he needs it. He's never shed a tear except once when Mad attempted suicide. He's strong, independent and never backs down from protecting the ones he cares about.

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