Throughout The Orange Block's long-but-not-prosperous lifetime as a forum website, there have been MANY times within the game itself in which many if not most of the gang played together and used Skype as a VoIP client. Incidentally, there is never a dull moment between these many Skype Calls during gameplay of the game, and many people who were not in fact registered on the forums themselves but rather local to the Skype group, if not local only through one or someone else's friends list; one such occasion includes ravenclaw, MadRaven(now UberScout)'s best friend all through middle and high school. Nevertheless, the group itself has created so many memories that not all of them can be described here on this page, but the best moments are included here. Unfortunately, only very few videos of actual TOB gameplay are found on YouTube, and they rarely include the meat of the game which is playing Deathmatches, building or roleplaying.


During serious mining RP in Wiggy's server (Mad was actually younger during this time, around 14-15 years old)

MadRaven: (he is hacking away dirt bricks with a pickaxe as $tuds fly out from them) Y-you know, guys, I have something to confess-- I have never said a swear word in my entire life. I have lived around swearing, but have never actually done it. Heh, y'know you gotta understand my grandmother was actually very...--ueh, religious about it.

Wiggy: Uhhh-huh...

Sparty: fuckin' kidding me right now? (he says this in a joking tone; he was still new to being one of Mad's friends and had not grown fully acquainted to him yet.)

CatGoesMoo: (she is astonished) Oh my God! Are you serious? Wow...high school must be like, a bitch.

(later on in the day)

MadRaven: goes I guess. Huh, what should be my first swear? (Sparty sneaks up behind him and startles Mad with the Zombie Claws weapon, which makes a roaring sound when used) OH FUCK!!! Oh my---what the FUCK was that?!

Sparty: Hey, hey Mad, guess what?

MadRaven: What what is it?

Sparty: (he gets excited) YOU DID IT MAN!!!

MadRaven: I don't get it?

Wiggy: Yep. You're one of us now. Congrats man.

MadRaven: Alright! I can't believe it...I have more friends now! Sweet...(two truck doors slam outside and a dog's leash is heard jingling.) Ah shit! It's my guardians. I'm not even supposed to be on here right now. Sorry guys, gotta bail. See ya and thankssomuch!!!

Everyone: Bye Mad!


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