GreyMario was one of The Orange Block's oldest members, if not the oldest, said to have first registered on the forum site in early 2010, a year after the site first went up. He was and still is the group's most infamous member and troublemaker, second only to Avery Tomlin (aka "He Who Walks The Snow"), who nearly destroyed The Orange Block with an army of bots.

History Edit

Very little is known about GreyMario if not anything at all. At first, he started out as a mapmaker for the game around the time of version 2.1, and was thought to have made the almighty Anapolitic map (or at least contributed to making it). It is very unclear what it was he did that caused everyone to view him as a villain (MadRaven was the only one who didn't see him that way, until a deathmatch happened between him, CatGoesMoo and Wiggy on the Anapolitic map), but one rumor/theory suggests that he attempted to overtake control of The Orange Block's forum by hacking Lucas' account, taking down all news posts and replacing them with threats to all members of the site saying that if they didn't pay him $50 in bitcoins each, he'd shut down the forum permanently. Again, this is just a rumor and/or theory, and therefore is not officially clear.

GreyMario's biggest aspiration was being a Mario fan, hence his name, and hoping to become an administrator on TOB, or at the very least, a moderator.

It is unknown whether he was/is friends with Avery and if so, if he is still working alongside him in other areas.

Trivia Edit

  • GreyMario was TOB's most inactive member, seen almost only on the Task Force 171 Skype group.
  • He was also the most silent member until the deathmatch that he started against CatGoesMoo, Wiggy and MadRaven.
  • He is the only member of TOB to have never shown his real face.

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