At the risk of seeming completely selfish as to not mention other creditors to the likenesses of TOB, MadRaven is one person who has definitely seen life through his own perspective and viewpoint while not knowing what it's like for his friends and family to see life the way they do. Taking that into account, there have definitely been some funny memories that Mad has obtained in the twenty years he's been alive. This wiki would be growing if I didn't put this page here, so to attract some much needed attention, here are some weird, hilarious and just plain strange moments Mad has faced.


- Mad didn't know he snored in his sleep until he turned 14.

- Maddog once fell asleep with a chicken nugget in his mouth. And ate it when he woke up!

- At Mad's high school, one of the edutainment products used was a web-based app teachers used to create games of Battleship where successful attacks required correctly answering questions. Mad wasn't very good at these and one time, Mrs. Miller, one of his social studies teachers, got creative; instead of just telling him to work harder, she made a specially customized match for him with a message that told him to "get his face out of that pixelated screen playing space games". Upon discovery, he responded profusely, exclaiming "I'm only doing valuable research!". This is of course a reference to how he'd sneak onto CoolMath at the computer lab during class.

- Beth, Mad's old girlfriend, hated the thought of him experiencing "drama".



- Apparently Mad doesn't know any history past the American Revolution but is able to recall some of the events of the Holocaust, notably the diary of Anne Frank.

- A school play called "The Saga of Katy the Gamblin' Lady", a western-themed adventure where a gambler named Katy seeks to pay her debt in gambling losses to a thrifty barkeep, was most notable for not only being laughably bad, but all of its script were rhymes. Apparently this is because it was originally intended to appeal to a preschool audience but because of the theme of gambling had to be bumped up a few ten grades.

- Mad relates his emotional problems to a book called "I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream" where five of the last humans on Earth during a nuclear holocaust are held prisoner by AM, an evil artificial intelligence computer, and the last one to survive is [SPOILER!] turned into a fleshy mess of organs and nervous system, conscious only in thought and nowhere else; supposedly this is where the complaints about having no say in an impasse originates from.


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