The Orange Block is a standalone mod for vanilla blockland, that has been in development since 2007. As of 2015, it now has approximately 500 users.


The Orange Block was built out of TBM, and was built off the engine for Eric Hartman's game, Blockland, cleverly known as Blockland Refail (real mature. Also re-fail would imply that it failed again, meaning that 0002 was a failure.) (a portmanteau of Blockland Retail) by the community. It features thousands of types of bricks to build with (try a hundred..) , as well as an ample amount of customization options for the player character.

There is no significant plot for The Orange Block, however because of the freedom the game offers, users have near limitless options for roleplaying and minigame creation, and can set their own playable stories in the game's maps. Anapolictic appears to be the prime choice for roleplaying servers, while others made by GreyMario and a few by Wiggy tend to set the stage for more intense, serious gameplay.

Unofficial StoryEdit

As aforementioned, The Orange Block does not have its own plot. However, due to recent events in 2011 and 2012, MadRaven has composed an unofficial story for the game. (how is this relevant to the reader?) It should also be noted that this is not the official story that the developers of The Orange Block have set in stone; this is a plot told by the perspective of another member of the community.

The game is set in an early alpha build offset of that of Eric Hartman's Blockland. In a test server, EmperorWiggy, Lucas W, Tyno and brother Xyno, Dontar and elrunethe2nd are all greeted by a new player who goes by the name of MadRaven. They take the time to get to know each other and he explores the game's many options. After discovering a forum site based on the game, he registers and soon a solid future established within his place there. He soon inquires about the possibility of voice chat within the game, which leads him to their then-unofficial TOB Skype group. Their first new player in months, a boy named Avery Tomlin, joins and notices MadRaven's active attitude, thus he befriends him. They eventually become good friends until the Mayan Apocalypse of 2012 is announced by John Hagee ministries. As theory after theory is brought up, this strikes fear not only in the heart of MadRaven, but half of the group as well, the only member unfazed being Avery. He quickly changes his attitude based on this new phenomena and it is soon discovered by one of the members of the group, that at the school Avery attends, his permanent record shows he was suspended eight times in one semester on accounts of bullying. Realizing this, MadRaven calls him out saying his kind is not tolerated well in the group, and thus began the Bloody Flame War of 2012.

All throughout 2012, Avery relentlessly attacked MadRaven, leaving no opportunity missed. He and MadRaven spent months fighting, spreading rumors and lies in hopes of one defeating the other. Wiggy, Lucas and the rest of the group soon caught on to Avery's villainous nature and all of TOB banded together to put him in his place. Finally, Maddog, MadRaven's stepfather, took Raven's seat in a Skype call and viciously warned Avery that if he ever bothers his son again, he'd "buy a plane ticket to where he lived, gladly walk to his house and show him what Hell looks like". Defeated and weakened, Avery leaves the call, and quickly before he can do anything else, Lucas removes him from the group, bans him from TOB and blacklists his computer's MAC address. MadRaven does the same by blocking him and removing him from his contacts, and at last the Flame War is won.

Since then, MadRaven has been one of The Orange Block's most popular and active members (if not the most well renowned) and continues to be a valuable member today.

Internet Culture Among The CommunityEdit

A large selection of memes have been widely shared among the community, featuring a few made by MadRaven and others. Possibly the first [citation needed] meme to be introduced would be Rattle Me Bones a 1980's board game in which players must carefully remove pirate-themed attire from a mechanical skeleton, taking care not to set off its vibrating mechanism. Following the castella-theme, next came Spooky Scary Skeletons!, a song by Andrew Gold for the album Halloween Howls: Fun and Scary Music Both are critically acclaimed among the forum for its humor and its tendency to be remixed on YouTube. After its general excitement wore off, the castella theme still earned its place among TOB and is still a meme widely shared across it today, however after general annoyance it was decided that its use would only be arbitrary. After the fandom of skeletons died down, Wiggy shared his love of Pokémon with the group, his most prized possession being a Level 100 Wigglytuff he named Wiggy. This in turn triggered the "What is Wiggly?" fad, a remix of the song "What is Love?" with snippets of Wigglytuff's chatter from the anime set to the rhythm of the song. Wiggy's Wigglytuff didn't get much general reception, however most of the users who are Pokémon fans still manage to show critical acclaim. After MadRaven got Super Smash Bros. for 3DS, he had discovered, upon playing his 100th VS. match, the Jigglypuff was still a playable character and honorable mention after all these years, despite her absence from the anime. This in turn triggered nostalgia from MadRaven's old team from Pokémon Yellow, where his team leader was a level 40 Jigglypuff he had named Gummie. Gummie had been a huge part of the game for MadRaven and for his childhood since Jigglypuff was not only popular in Japan and America but was more or less a secondary mascot at the time, and is one of the symbols of the 1990's. Gummie has since been carried over from various Pokémon games MadRaven has owned, ranging from Pokémon Blue and Yellow, to Pokémon Gold, Silver, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, and eventually Pokémon Black. Since then Gummie has attained a sort of chronological record during MadRaven's gameplay; she has never lost a single battle and the only status ailment she has ever attained was paralysis.

As for the meme to go along with Gummie, MadRaven did not generally attach a meme to her, however on his facebook page he has used the hashtags #GetJigglyWithIt (a portmanteau of "Get Jiggy With It") and #RoughAndToughSince97 on his small collection of humorous Super Smash Bros. screenshots.

While it is not exactly a meme, but more of an honorable mention, one of the forum's topics, "Post Internet Weirdness Here" is the most widely replied-to topic on the forum. Started 3 years and 4 months ago by LegoGuy24, with over 1,300 replies to the topic [counting quoted replies], over 400 videos embedded within the topic and over 120 .PNG, .JPEG or animated GIF images posted on the thread, it is easily but not mistakenly The Orange Block's biggest achievement in forum activity.

Remove Kebab From Premise is also an inside-joke on the forum, albeit scarcely used. The Legendary Starfy franchise is also considered an honorable mention.

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